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Workshop – How’s your child, Mommy?

How’s your child, Mommy?

Changing the perception and the avoidance of bias, ensures a fair approach on a situation. When the situation is really your child, the person that you will support unconditionally, before anyone and when everyone around you tent to judge any little mistake of his, you choose!

You choose to lie or to hide … How’s your child, Mommy?

ANCAAR comes to meet the family members of the person with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a workshop that aims to provide information and opportunities for communication in a warm, unprejudiced and labeled environment. During this workshop we will approach the management of the ASD person behaviors and also the proper intervention methods.

The workshop is designed particularly for caregivers of people with Autism and professionals interacting with people with ASD.

The participation fee is 150 RON / participant.

For information and registration, please contact us at:

ANCAAR: tel. 0773 360 741; 0773 360 744

E- mail office@autismancaar.ro