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Early Intervention in Autism by Denver model” Workshop

National Association for Children and Adults with Autism in Romania organizes The “Early Intervention in Autism by Denver model” Workshop.

For registration, please contact us by e-mail: office@autismancaar.ro or telephone number: 0773 360 741.

The training content:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder child intervention method presentation
  2. Presentation of daily strategies used to help children with ASD to relate, communicate and learn

At the end of the workshop the participants:

  • Have understood the Denver Method particularities;
  • Are capable to identify and apply the correct approach in the ASD children interaction;
  • They’ve acquired the necessary knowledge for daily application of the method;
  • They’ve developed the skills of analysis of an autistic children crisis and known the right approach that complies with the principles of the method;
  • They have developed the necessary communication skills for interacting with the child;


  1. Denver principles for early intervention
  2. All the criteria for establishing an intervention program
  3. Appreciating the quality of an intervention program
  4. Making sure that the autistic child’s family is functioning normal
  5. Children with ASD types of strategies for individual specific problems
  6. The integration of all information


Workshop agenda:

  • Workshop structure: 6 hours, 2 consecutive days
  • Number of participants: 20 people group
  • Participation Certificate
  • Graduation test
  • Coffee- break

The training participation  is based on each applicant’s registration by sending a e-mail intent and also the pay confirmation of the training fee in amount of 150 RON