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With the door closed. Autism and sexuality

  • Is sexual development at  individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder the same as it is for the neurotypical ones?
  • Shall we be afraid of the ASD adult closeness?
  • We need to fear the proximity of an adult with ASD?
  • Bizarre behaviors of people with ASD are auto stimulation or sexual functions?

The workshop aims to answer these questions by the conclusions gained by our trainers through the years of experience with ASD individuals therapeutic intervention. The clarification of basic terms and appropriate intervention methods prepare the ASD individual as well as the caregivers for coping.

The workshop is addressed to caregivers of people with Autism, professionals that interact with people with ASD, students and anyone that aims to properly interact with a youth or adult with ASD.

Workshop fee: 150 RON/participant.

For information and registration:

ANCAAR: phone number. 0773 360 741; 0773 360 744

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